I am so shitty and so cold and sometimes I do not see what exactly I am doing

I do think it is better for us to grow into better versions of ourselves on separate paths

But that does not mean I did not love

Because I loved

and i love

and I will never be sorry enough

I’m so sorry.


sprinting towards the sun

where art brings you to tears

to T E A R S

in awe of the creation 

in awe of the aesthetic beauty

A passionate nature of continuously seeking light

A joyous departure from there to here

to H E R E

these fleeting and blinking moments

in and out in and out

we live from a sleeping to a waking realization

that we are alive


and there is an existential beauty in the fact that we are able to love each other

and through that we love ourselves

like the love is the only thing lighting this dark room

an echo when absolutely alone


this is what we are

but I don’t want to believe that.

if colors can combine the way that notes resolve

and tomorrow can come so quietly

i think we can resolve back to childlike states

and have an emotional awareness

an artistic ecstacy

and burn into the core of all those questions unanswered

sprinting towards the sun

"Do not go gentle into that good night, rage, rage, with the dying of the light"